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Clearing the air...of secondhand smoke

Did you know that secondhand smoke has the same poisons as tobacco smoke and poses a serious health risk to anyone that breathes it?

How to protect your family and others from secondhand smoke

Even if you’re not quite ready to quit, here are a few simple ways to protect your loved ones from secondhand smoke:

  • Always smoke outside, away from others
  • Keep your home and car smoke-free
  • Ask others not to smoke around your children

Did you know that children of smokers are twice as likely to start smoking? The best way to prevent your children from starting to smoke is to stop smoking yourself.

Remember, quitting isn’t just good for you. It’s good for everyone around you. It’s good for your children. Your spouse. Your friends. Keeping this in mind can work as an excellent motivator while you begin your journey toward a life completely free of tobacco.

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