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Why to quit smoking cigarettes or ysung other forms of tobacco

At QUITPLAN® Services, we’re not here to lecture you on why you should quit. But sometimes it’s helpful to get a little reminder – not just why tobacco is bad for you, but why quitting is so good!

Effects of tobacco on your health

Tobacco can harm just about every aspect of your health. Learn more about it.

Cost of smoking

Check out our savings calculator to see how much you’re spending (and could be saving) on tobacco.

Secondhand smoke

Smoking doesn’t just hurt the smoker, it affects nonsmokers too. See the effects of secondhand smoke on those around you.

Your health after quitting

Twenty minutes after quitting, your body is already repairing itself! See the other benefits of quitting.


Meet some fellow Minnesotans who have successfully quit. Then join them!

Reasons to quit

No one can tell you your own personal reasons for quitting. But if you want a few suggestions, here they are.

Readiness quiz

How ready are you to end tobacco’s hold? Take our quiz and find out.