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The QUITPLAN® Helpline gives you access to every service we have, with all of them working together to help you quit. Our program offers:

  • Coaching calls: Five one-on-one sessions with a Quit Coach to help you use proven quitting strategies.
  • Text messaging: Daily tips, games and reminders sent right to your mobile phone.
  • Patches, gum or lozenges - Available for Minnesota adults (18 or older):
    • Four weeks of FREE patches, gum or lozenges OR
    • Combination therapy - Four weeks of patches plus two weeks of either gum or lozenges to be used with the patch.
  • Email support: Personalized emails about your quit date, coaching calls and milestones, as well as helpful tips, advice and encouragement.
  • Welcome kit: A printed Quit Guide to help you start building your quitting plan.

At the end of the day, quitting smoking is a personal challenge. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. The QUITPLAN Helpline and Quit Coaches are there to guide you through the process of beginning a 100-percent tobacco-free life.

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How it works:

Everyone who lives in Minnesota has access to free phone coaching to quit tobacco, either through their health plan, employer or through QUITPLAN Services. If you are uninsured or your health plan doesn't cover phone coaching, you can use QUITPLAN Services. We work closely with most Minnesota health insurers, so if you do have insurance that includes telephone counseling, we’ll connect you directly with your insurance quitline. Or if your employer offers stop smoking benefits, we may direct you to their services.

To sign up for the QUITPLAN Helpline, call 1-888-354-PLAN (7526) to speak with a registration specialist or click below to start your registration online. If you are 18 years or older and are interested in patches, gum or lozenges, you’ll be asked a few questions to see if you need a doctor’s approval before we can send them to you.

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What to expect:

On your first call, you and your Quit Coach will work together to design a personalized plan to quit. Your Quit Coach will guide you through triggers, cravings and managing stress. They will motivate you to succeed and become tobacco-free. If appropriate, you may also receive free patches, lozenges or gum. After your initial call, you will receive up to four scheduled phone sessions with extra support as needed.

Listen to a mock call or watch a video of a participant signing up to receive free help from QUITPLAN Services and then a call of a participant working with a quit coach to create a plan to quit smoking.

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