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QUITPLAN Services Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy is a special time. As you prepare to welcome your baby into your life, you will likely feel excited and hopeful. We know there are many challenges with quitting smoking when you are pregnant and that it can be very difficult given the many stresses during this time. So, we have a special program to help pregnant women quit tobacco use*. This is one of the most important steps you can take for you and your baby.

Our specially trained coaches will help you create a plan, set a quit date if you are ready, learn how to handle slips and what to do once your baby is born. The coaches can answer your questions and provide non-judgmental support too if you are ready to quit and even if you aren’t quite ready. You’ll have a total of 10 personalized coaching sessions to help you quit.

You will receive a special quit kit designed to meet your unique needs at this stage. Coaches can provide you with information about nicotine replacement therapy - NRT (patches, gum, lozenges or combination therapy) available through QUITPLAN Services. Your coach will explain how to ask for approval from your health care provider if you decide you would like to use NRT to help you quit. Health care provider approval for NRT is required for all pregnant women who participate in this program.

Sign up today by calling QUITPLAN Services or clicking on the sign up button below. To sign up for our pregnancy program, choose the QUITPLAN Helpline. You will be asked if you are pregnant during the registration process.

*Tobacco refers specifically to the use of commercial tobacco products such as cigarettes, and not to the sacred and traditional use of tobacco by American Indians and other groups.

Other Resources and Help


SmokefreeMOM is a mobile text messaging program that provides 24/7 tips, advice, and encouragement to help pregnant women quit smoking. If you would like to sign up for SmokefreeMOM complete this form and click “Subscribe.”

Smokefree Women

Smokefree Women helps you or someone you care about quit smoking by providing quitting advice, tips and support specific to women’s needs, including expecting mothers. Check out their special section on Pregnancy and Motherhood.