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QuitCash Challenge FAQ

What is a mini-quit?

Mini-quits are short exercises designed to help you practice quitting tobacco. Starting in September 2017, we’ll have one Mini-Quit Monday a month with a prize drawing for each! Learn more about mini-quits here.

That sounds great! How do I join?

Good question! To get notified of future Mini-Quit Mondays, text “Enter” to 37619* or visit to sign up for email notifications** and we’ll let you know when the next one is around the corner. When you get a notification, just opt in with a simple “Yes” or “Take the Pledge.”

*Standard text and data rates apply
**Does not register you for the free text and email services available through QUITPLAN Services

Ok, sweet. Then how do I win?

That’s it! You don’t have to do anything more to be eligible. By pledging to participate in the challenge you’re automatically entered in the prize drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card. We’ll notify the winner within a week of each Mini-Quit Monday.

Is there still a month-long QuitCash Challenge? Can I still win $5,000?

Yup, and yup. Register in March, and if you can make it through April without tobacco*** you’ll be entered in our grand prize drawing for $5,000. And with all the practice you’ve had, it should all be that much easier.****

***Verified through urine test
****Must be a Minnesota resident to enter

What if I quit before April?

Even if you quit before April, you can still participate in the month-long quit and win! You’ll just need to opt in with some more information when the time comes (we’ll send you an email or text when it’s time). Then just stay tobacco-free for the month for your chance at that $5,000.