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Beat tobacco one mini-quit at a time.

A big shout out to Christopher A. for winning a $100 Amazon gift card from the September Mini-Quit Monday challenge. All it took was to quit smoking in the car for the day, and Christopher, along with many others, rose to the challenge. Congratulations to all who entered. Whether you succeeded or not, remember that there is no failing in a mini-quit. You learn something new from every single quit attempt, so great job either way.

Quitting takes practice. And that’s what  Mini-Quit  Mondays are all about – a new day-long challenge every month to help you learn new skills to overcome tobacco. And each one will have a prize drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card!

To get notified of future Mini-Quit Mondays via email, just fill out the boxes below. In the meantime,  here  are some simple ways to prepare yourself for your quitting journey!

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