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Welcome to the new QUITPLAN® Services!

The QUITPLAN Services website has been remodeled to reflect the new tools and options available to all Minnesota tobacco users looking to quit. While the site may look different, our commitment to providing free help to everyone who wants to quit has not changed. Now, it’s easier than ever to access and select just the right tools to help you quit.

Even if you’re not ready to quit, you can check out information and articles on tobacco facts, the cost of smoking, your health after quitting and even take a readiness quiz. If you’re ready to take the next step and quit, let QUITPLAN Services provide all the free support you need with text messaging, email support, a downloadable quit guide or even a free “starter kit” of nicotine patches, gum or lozenges. You can also receive free one-on-one phone coaching help through the QUITPLAN Helpline and all the additional tools to help you quit.

Check out all that QUITPLAN Services has to offer you and let us help you become 100 percent tobacco-free!