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It's your last chance to sign up for the QuitCash Challenge!

Posted on 03/30/2016

The QuitCash Challenge offers all Minnesota tobacco users the chance to win $5,000 by quitting tobacco. But, you must sign up quickly at . The contest begins on April 1 and you must…

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Time is running out to sign up for the QuitCash Challenge

Posted on 03/24/2016

Tobacco users interested in winning money for quitting have just over a week to sign up for the QuitCash Challenge contest. The contest starts April 1 and requires participants to quit tobacco for the…

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Now's your chance to win $5,000 for quitting smoking

Posted on 03/01/2016

It's here! Registration is now open for the QuitCash Challenge. Quit smoking for the month of April and you could win $5,000! Just sign up before April 1 at  and then check out all…

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February Mini-Quit Challenge Winner Announced

Posted on 02/16/2016

Congratulations to Carmen V., the winner of the February Mini-Quit challenge. Carmen was randomly selected as the winner of the challenge, but everyone who participated and kept their home smoke-free…

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