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New TV ad for QUITPLAN Services Launches May 12

Posted on 05/12/2014

A new TV ad for QUITPLAN Services continues the “No judgments. Just help” campaign. In the latest TV ad, “Angie” is dealing with the disapproving looks and judgments from everyone around her – including her…

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Connect with a Quit Coach on Facebook

Posted on 04/30/2014

Now, connecting with a Quit Coach is as easy as checking your Facebook page. Each Friday, starting at 2 p.m., a Quit Coach logs on to the QUITPLAN Services Facebook page to answer questions and offer…

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QUITPLAN Services Launches New TV Ads

Posted on 04/07/2014

QUITPLAN Services today launched a new television ad to promote the new QUITPLAN Services. The TV spot is a unique combination of stop-motion and animation. The spot features “Wendall,” a smoker…

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Kick Butts Day

Posted on 03/17/2014

Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism that encourages young people to speak out against Big Tobacco. QUITPLAN Services is celebrating Kick Butts Day with events at several community and…

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