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Minnesota has a new, free way
to quit nicotine: Quit Partner

Quit Partner

QUITPLAN® Services is no longer accepting new enrollments and will be closing at the end of June. Everyone already enrolled in QUITPLAN Services before April 1 will be able to continue and finish their current program. But don’t worry! There’s a new way for all Minnesotans to get free help to quit smoking, vaping and chewing.

Meet Quit Partner, your new way to quit with free tools like one-on-one quit coaching, medications and more.

Meet Quit Partner

Why the change?

QUITPLAN® Services was funded by ClearWay Minnesota, a life-limited nonprofit founded in 1998 with a portion of the Minnesota Tobacco Settlement. Now that ClearWay Minnesota's programs are closing out, Quit Partner is providing free help for Minnesota residents to quit smoking, vaping and chewing.

American Indian Quitline

The American Indian Quitline helps tribal members quit commercial tobacco with help from a dedicated team, including American Indian coaches. This service will continue through Quit Partner.

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Over the last 19 years we helped over 195,000 Minnesotans in their effort to quit tobacco. We’re thankful for every employee and participant who joined us on this journey.