Accessibility Statement

Build the skills to deal with other tobacco users.

When you first quit, it might feel like everything reminds you of tobacco. You’ll see ashtrays, other people smoking and advertisements for cigarettes in magazines. This is especially difficult if your friends, coworkers or family members use tobacco around you. However, there are some things you can do to make those situations easier.

Talk to them

Tell those around you who use tobacco that you’re planning to quit. Perhaps they’ll want to join you and you can use one another for support. And if not, they may be willing to smoke outside and away from you. If you live with people who won’t agree to this, see if they’ll at least set aside one room in the house to be tobacco-free at all times.

Remember – you’re in control!

It’s important to remember that it’s your decision whether you quit or not. You are in control of your own behavior and the way you think.

Next time you’re around people who are using tobacco, think about:

  • Something to distract yourself from the urge to join them. Can you play with a puzzle, chew on a straw or go for a walk? Be creative!
  • All the reasons you decided to quit.

Some people post notes around the home or work to remind themselves of their commitment to quit. A few examples:

  • I’m stronger than tobacco.
  • No one can make me smoke!
  • I’m saving $225 a month.
  • Just get through today without having a cigarette.

So remember: don’t worry if others around you smoke. It may seem hard to manage at first, but with a little preparation and commitment you can overcome any situation.