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Don’t give up!

With a mini-quit there’s no such thing as failure. Just try again! There are lots of different coping skills that work differently for different people. Check some of them out here. Or even try out some of the  free quitting tools from QUITPLAN Services.  And by the next mini-quit challenge, you’ll be that much more prepared.  

We'll announce the winner on approximately  Monday, October 6th  so be sure to check back at  to see who won.

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Mini-Quit Monday Challenge! Walk it off.

On Monday, October 12, your mini-quit challenge is to replace at least one cigarette break with a walk or any healthy activity. Take the pledge and you could win a $100 Amazon electronic gift card (winner announced around October 14). To get started, just fill out the info below. And good luck!

For extra help in quitting, check out the free quitting tools from QUITPLAN Services.

Please register before midnight on Sunday, October 11th to participate.

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